ISC staff

Former staff of the ISC

Name Position Start Date Email
Dmitry A. Storchak, Ph.D. Director September 1995
James Harris Senior System and Database Administrator November 1998
Lynn Elms Administration Officer August 2016
Alfie James Barber System Administrator March 2017
Gergely Csontos Web Developer March 2017
John Eve, B.Sc. Data Collection Officer April 2008
Edith Korger, Ph.D. Data Collection Seismologist September 2015
Domenico Di Giacomo, Ph.D. Senior Seismologist August 2010
Konstantinos Lentas, Ph.D. Seismologist/Developer November 2013
Tom Garth, Ph.D. Seismologist, PDRA, jointly with Department of Earth Sciences at University of Oxford September 2017

Rosemary Hulin, MPhys.Geog. Analyst August 2010
Blessing Shumba, M.Sc. Seismologist/Senior Analyst February 2011
Rebecca Verney, B.Sc. Analyst January 2011
Elizabeth Ayres, B.Sc.Geog. Analyst/Historical Data Entry Officer November 2013
Kathrin Lieser, Ph.D. Seismologist/Analyst/
Summary Editor
October 2015
Lonn Brown, M.Sc. Seismologist/Analyst Administrator October 2015
Daniela Olaru, M.Sc.Admin. Historical Data Entry Officer November 2013
Charikleia Gkarlaouni, M.Sc. Seismologist/Analyst February 2018
Peter Franek, Ph.D. Seismologist/Analyst February 2018
Robin Adams, Ph.D Honorary Seismologist March 1978