Recent Sumissions

DateNameTitle / DescriptionDOI

2019-08-21Domenico Di GiacomoSupplementary material regarding the investigation of the (mythical) near coast of Peru earthquake of 12 December 190810.31905/DIDE1908
ViewScans of printed bulletins, seismogram images and other relevant material for the discussion on the occurrence of the Peru and Myanmar earthquakes of 12 December 1908

2019-08-05Anastasia K. NekrasovaUnified Scaling Law for Earthquakes: Global Map of Parameters10.31905/XT753V44
ViewThe values of A, B, C coefficients based on the USGS GHDB catalogue of shallow M≥4 earthquakes in 1964-2002

2019-07-08Ling BaiSource parameters of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha earthquake sequence and travel times10.31905/QAS3QE95
ViewLocations and arrival times recorded by stations at the China-Nepal border

2019-06-12Vadim A AnPahute Test Site Travel-times from Seismic Aarrays “Ozherelye” of Geophysical Observatory “Borovoye”10.31905/QURKZNN1
ViewArrival times of seismic waves from US underground nuclear test Pahute on the Nevada test site recorded by the sub-system “Ozherelye” of the large-base seismic array of Geophysical Observatory “Borovoye”.

2019-06-12George L ChoyUSGS Broadband Source Parameters Catalog (1987-2013)10.31905/GYFGEW7I
ViewBroadband depths, Broadband focal mechanisms, Radiated Energy and Energy Magnitude